“Greenline Technical Group identified numerous plant optimization and energy savings opportunities on our campus.  In a short 3 day blitz, I was impressed by the amount of information that their team gathered, the level of detail, practicality, and understanding of our business that they also demonstrated.  It was clear throughout their work that they were focused on our long term objectives, and this allowed them to develop opportunities for us that we did not previously see.  The team was friendly, professional, and extremely experienced with our infrastructure. The results of their work was a highly visual and very actionable roadmap to improving our infrastructure with investment analysis and project benefits spelled out in a way that made it easy for my board of directors to understand.  Opportunities were ranked in terms of criticality to our mission and simple payback of each project was well documented.  Greenline provided immense engineering service at an incredible value, arming me with information to help my organization plan for the future, enhance reliability and reduce our long term energy usage.  I highly recommend them to anyone with an older campus, large mixed use facilities, or someone who is not getting the results they want through a conventional consultant’s approach.”

“I have never before seen a level of service and expertise out of a contractor and consulting firm that compares to Greenline Technical Group.  GTG treats our systems and infrastructure as if it were their own, and is highly capable in serving us in the full gamut of engineering disciplines, project management, facility enhancements, and O&M practices.”