Plant system analysis, sequence development, system automation

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We help our clients better understand the systems they have, and the systems they may need – how to maintain them, and how to get the highest performance with the least amount of energy and life-cycle cost. We analyze current systems allowing us to introduce newer technologies, automated processes and control strategies in order to meet reliability, sustainability and life-cycle cost goals. Examples include implementation of industrial sensing and controls, building automation system design and installation, development of new control sequences to achieve specific HVAC functions and development of utility plant sequences of operations. We analyze systems for performance, reliability, and longevity – utilizing electrical, thermal, and hydraulic modeling as applicable.


Troubleshooting, commissioning, peer review, QA/QC, engineering design, master planning

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Our knowledge of the design, construction, commissioning, and operation & maintenance (O&M) processes enable us to fully understand the intent, installation and functionality of systems. This affords us the ability to look at all the states of a building system or infrastructure project (completed, current and future) in order to troubleshoot and uncover the issues that have or could arise. It is this experience which enables us to develop customized quality control strategies, maximize the value of a peer review, and develop master plans, advising our clients of when and how to invest capital dollars to strategically support their current and future operations. Our services in this area revolve around solving current problems and also preventing future ones.


Solar PV, energy storage and conversion, smart equipment control, energy conservation retrofits

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GTG helps clients determine the right time to invest in renewable energy technologies such as solar PV, as well as how to achieve energy conservation through technology upgrades to their current systems. We work with clients to understand and refine their goals, evaluate market factors, and design and specify the optimal solutions given existing conditions, siting, current market factors, and load profiles. There are many factors to evaluate, and therefore we do not recommend the same solution for each client, but rather a custom-tailored proposal, fitting with specific operational and investment goals. After careful evaluation, we model the performance of our solutions for economic viability, and in many cases can arrange and oversee the execution of the project from the conceptual stage through completion and payback. Examples of projects include rooftop photovoltaic solar module arrays, energy recovery systems, HVAC controls and source equipment upgrades, building envelope enhancements, thermal energy storage solutions, operational sequences for electrical peak shaving, as well as lighting efficiency and water conservation retrofits.


Scope development, project management, and QA/QC in the fields of electrical, metering, industrial sensing and controls

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As a combination of Engineers, Constructors, and Building and Plant Operators, our teams hold expertise in a wide variety of disciplines. We plug into new construction and renovation projects alike as Owner’s Representatives and Quality Control Agents. Our broad experience and technical depth make us a powerful asset to our clients, and well respected by our contractor counterparts. We work hard to help develop successful projects by consulting with an existing design team or taking on the design in-house. Our approach on behalf of the client is to mitigate risk and keep projects under budget and on schedule once they are underway. We work to enhance creative collaboration among stakeholders and can develop and facilitate value incentives within a project. Our approach integrates well where construction quality is challenging, the scope is extremely technical, and/or public safety is adjacent to a project’s activities. Examples of our services include protecting against the erroneous use of contingency budgets, negotiation of change orders, and developing best-value field fixes to problems and scope gap that occur during construction. Where it makes sense to do so, we also connect clients with turn-key solutions through our network of trusted contracting partners.